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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

UVic is a leader in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, a field of engineering that allows the  designer to incorporate many relevant disciplines of aircraft design simultaneously. UVic CfAR leverages these capabilities and can apply it to the design and control of your unmanned aircraft system or payload


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Boeing Joined Wing Sensorcraft undergoing Static Load Testing for flight clearance



Aero-Structural Interaction

UVic Cfar has a vast expertise in aerodynamics, structures and their coupling. CfAR can analytically predict and design aircraft that can benefit from the weight savings afforded by light flexible structures, while still achieving safe operation. CfAR also has extensive experience in building, instrumenting and flight testing flexible aircraft structures. Flight test results can then be used to evaluate the design or update analytical models through the process of parameter identification.


Composites Research

The Composites Research Network (CRN) is a collaboration of academia and industry partners supporting the composites industry in Western Canada and beyond. It was launched in January 2012 with a $9.8m investment from Western Economic Diversification Canada. As the Vancouver Island Node for the CRN, UVic can leverage these expertise and apply them to your specific needs.