Our Team


Afzal Suleman


Stephen Warwick

Flight Operations Manager

Sean Bazzocchi

Controls Engineer
Project Manager

Max Rukosuvev

Mechanical lead Engineer

Patrick Heaney

Integration Lead Engineer

Roy Ledwosinski

Mechanical Engineer

Chris Lundy

Mechanical & Fuel Systems Engineer

Grant Howard

Controls & Instrumentals Engineer

Jacob Verhelst

Mechanical Engineer

Jay Matlock

Operations Manager
Propulsion Lead Engineer

Kieran Warren

Electronics Lead Engineer

Jose Vale

MDO Lead

Ben Gawley

Mechanical Engineer

John Rafaelli

Shop Lead

Hunter Arcese

Mechanical Engineer

Jack Baker

Mechanical Engineer

Jack Sheng

Controls & Instrumentals Engineer

Matthew Russo

Electrical Engineer


Our team at CfAR consists of research engineers, Transport Canada certified RPAS Operators, as well as PhD and Masters level students from around the world. CfAR also supports many undergraduate co-op students each year, providing a dynamic and supportive environment for students interested in the aerospace industry. Many of our co-ops have returned for multiple work terms or transitioned into full-time roles since our projects offer exposure to both academic and industry.  Currently there are 40 research engineers, graduate students and undergraduate students at CfAR.

Many of our co-op students have gone on to work at companies including NASA, Leonardo Aerospace, and DLR Aerospace center and more.